Strategic Science Plan



LHE research activities revolve around large-scale experiments as well as the development and validation of numerical free-surface models – analyzing complex fluid mixing and solid-fluid-gas coupled interactions.

The LHE has (to date) focused on the advancement of knowledge in the following fields:

Extreme wave predictions including:
1- Climate change
2- Natural hazards (tsunami-, hurricane-, volcano-, landslide-generated waves and storm surges/flooding)
3- Inundation mapping, warning systems, and evacuation.

Wind-driven coastal processes:
1- Air-sea interactions in the context of wave breaking
2- Wave-current-sediment interactions

Nearshore hydrodynamics, debris/ice flows, and shoreline protection

Cold regions coastal dynamics and wave-ice interactions.

Fluid-structure-seabed interactions and vibration control including renewable energy developments (wind/wave/tidal/solar)

Anthropogenic (oil spills, coastline pollution, etc.)